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Home Renovation Service in New York

New York Home Renovation ContractorEden General Construction Inc. is a professional New York City remodeling contractor offering a variety of renovation services to help homeowners with all of their home improvement needs. Our remodeling services consists of bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bedroom remodeling, and more.

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in complete renovation as we use it daily. If your bathroom isn't what you need it to be, contact our experienced bathroom remodeling contractors to transform the dullness to a newly functional and enjoyable bathroom. Our bathroom remodeling services include bathroom flooring, bathroom tile, bathroom cabinets, bathtub designs, and other bathroom designs to complete renovations.

The kitchen is another room of major importance in functionality and style. Our kitchen remodeling experts at Eden General Construction Inc. will help you build the kitchen you always needed. With beautiful workmanship in kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops, we can take your kitchen renovation ideas and make the remodeling process a success.

Just some of the ways we can help you improve your home:

  • Kitchen Renovation
  • Bedroom Renovations
  • Bathroom Remodels
  • Home Additions
  • Open Floor Plan
  • Basement Finishing

Complete Renovation For New York City Homeowners

When hiring a New York City remodeling contractor, look for someone who is willing to help with the design process with close attention to detail and most importantly, someone you feel comfortable with. When homeowners are looking for a New York general contractor, Eden General Construction is your top choice not only because of our excellent customer service, but also, because we offer within-budget and high quality functionality and beauty. We hold many years of experience in the remodeling industry. If you are looking for a contractor you can rely on with a great value for your investment, call Eden General Construction today, and let us make your remodel easier to complete successfully.

Our New York Remodeling Contractors Provide:

  • Home Improvement
  • Room Additions
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • House Renovations
  • Home Remodeling
  • General Construction
  • Kitchen Removation
  • Home Renovations
  • Basement Finishing

We Provide Home Renovations to the Following Areas:

NewYork City, NY | Manhattan, NY | Bronx, NY | Brooklyn, NY | Queens, NY | Staten Island, NY | Westchester, NY And more

If you are looking for a home renovation contractor in New York City then please call 212-369-6666 or complete our online request form.

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