Snow Buildup and Roof Repairs


Snow, wind, hail, ice, and more can really do a number on our roofs here in our area of the country. New York is plenty cold in the wintertime, and the build up of snow on our rooftops are a huge concern.

Snow gets very heavy as it accumulates because it packs down into a more dense material, often becoming ice. While a little snow can’t harm your roof all that much, the build up will.

Roofs cave under too much weight, and in areas where it snows a lot this can happen pretty quickly. When it does, there’s a disaster waiting to happen for you.

The pitch of our roofs are higher than on homes in warmer climates. This is done so that snow can slide down the roof easier. But at times the snow melts into ice instead of sliding down the roof.

Snow can accumulate and form ice in any area where it doesn’t slide off the roof top. Crevices, different roof angles, improperly placed chimney flashing, attic areas, and roof damages can create holes where cold air can get up under the snow and cause it to melt. Once it does, the ice starts to build and snow builds with it making the matter quickly worse.

Any damages to the roof, like holes where animals chewed their way into the attic, need to be repaired and sealed well. Chimneys and plumbing vents should have flashing properly connected. When your attic and roof are sealed well, you won’t have the ice ridge build up along your roof line.

Ice dams are the ice buildup along your roof line. This needs to be removed as soon as possible. Many homeowners don’t know the dangers of ice dams on their roof tops. Not only can the ice break and hurt someone, but the roof can collapse.

Because ice dams are frequently caused by problems with your roof, you’ll need to be sure those issues are addressed or the ice will quickly return after being removed.

Roof repairs are an important part of keeping the snow and ice from building on your roof top. They’re also important when the snow does build up and creates problems that need repair.

No matter the cause of your roof repairs, having a good contractor to come and fix your roof is important. The right contractor will correctly diagnose your roof problems and will make honest recommendations to you.

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