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General Contractor in New Rochelle, NY

New Rochelle General ContractorIf you are looking for a general contractor in New Rochelle, NY - look no further. You have found "Eden".

Eden General Construction Inc. is a well known and loved New Rochelle general contractor. Licensed and offering a wide variety of services for both residential and commercial application, Eden General Construction Inc. is the top choice when it comes to hiring a general contractor in New Rochelle, NY for home improvement and commercial construction projects.

The best for both home and business, Eden General Construction Inc. strives to provide top quality workmanship and complete customer satisfaction no matter how small or large a project may be. From simple home repairs to complete renovations, our New Rochelle general contractors work diligently, meticulously, and with the highest standard of professionalism.

You may contact Eden General Construction Inc. at 212-369-6666. The New Rochelle general contractor team at Eden General Construction Inc. is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

New Rochelle Home Repairs & Restoration Services

Aside from completing residential remodeling and commercial construction projects to perfection, Eden General Construction Inc. also provides top quality restoration services. The New Rochelle home repairs experts at Eden General Construction Inc. have a wide range of experience and knowledge, making them the perfect candidate for any home restoration need in the area.

From roof repairs to waterproofing, general carpentry to complete renovation, the New Rochelle home repairs specialists at Eden General Construction Inc. will restore your property to its former glory quickly, correctly, and with high quality results. Eden General Construction Inc. doesn't cut corners on quality. Using the best raw materials, these New Rochelle home repairs specialists restore properties with precision while following strict standards.

Kitchen Remodeling in New Rochelle, NY

Kitchen remodeling in New Rochelle, NY is difficult to master with many obstacles to overcome in order to achieve a successfully finished product. Despite every New Rochelle kitchen remodeling project being different, there are a number of useful tips that apply across the board to all kitchen designs.

First and foremost, like any New Rochelle home remodeling project, you need to make a list of the things you need in your kitchen, so when it comes to designing the layout, you don’t miss anything when building your kitchen remodel. It’s also a useful idea to list some of the things that you can do without in your kitchen to avoid creating a cluttered design.

The next point to consider is storage. Storage can make or break your New Rochelle kitchen remodeling project. When designing a kitchen, the amount of storage is detriment to the final look and feel of the space. Too much storage will make your kitchen look tight and confining. Not enough storage is also a problem with kitchen remodeling projects in New Rochelle, NY because having random pots and pans lying around everywhere won’t give you a sleek, well crafted finish.

Once you’ve completed these first two steps of listing your kitchen essentials and determining how much storage you’ll need, you’re ready to work on the layout of your New Rochelle remodeling contractor at Eden General Construction Inc. Most professionals agree on a principle that is widely regarded as the ‘triangle theory’ for kitchen designs. This involves creating a work-efficient space that is tailored to suit your specific needs. Your New Rochelle kitchen remodeling professional at Eden General Construction Inc. will guide you through the process to create the perfect kitchen layout for your home.

New Rochelle Bathroom Remodeling Tips from Eden General Construction Inc.

A lot of effort and planning goes into successful bathroom remodeling projects. Eden General Construction Inc. can help you ensure your bathroom renovation goes according to plan with these simple tips.

First, plan. Plan, plan, and plan some more. Preparation is the key to a successful home improvement project, whether you are investing in New Rochelle bathroom remodeling or building a new home. With thorough planning and the assistance of a professional New Rochelle bathroom remodeling contractor, you can eliminate the potential for project delays and issues by working out problems before the renovation process beings.

Next, review the bathroom design for functional issues. You may want to bathtub to be located along that wall, but how will that work with the flow of the rest of your bathroom furniture, doors, windows, and plumbing? Eden General Construction Inc. can assist you with the bathroom design process to make certain every detail is addressed, no matter how small, so that once remodeling begins, you can relax knowing it will turn out just fine.

Eden General Construction Inc. has many more bathroom remodeling tips available for homeowners in New Rochelle. Just call -- today to schedule an appointment with a professional New Rochelle bathroom remodeling contractor at Eden General Construction Inc. and get access to:

  • Complete Bathroom Remodeling Services
  • Bathroom Remodeling Tips
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  • Bathroom Design Ideas
  • Bathroom Flooring
  • Bathtubs & Showers
  • Bathroom Vanities
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  • Waterproofing
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  • Home Improvement
  • And More!

The New Rochelle General Contractor for All Your Home Improvement Needs

Eden General Construction Inc. is the New Rochelle general contractor you can rely on to satisfy all your home improvement needs. From kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, room additions, and living room renovations to less complex home improvement projects such as waterproofing, roofing, painting, flooring, carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, Eden General Construction Inc. can take care of it all.

It pays to hire a New Rochelle general contractor because this type of home improvement specialists offers such a wide range of services. Otherwise, you would be faced with hiring multiple contractors to take care of one project, such as a kitchen renovation, when you could have just dealt with one company, like Eden General Construction Inc.

So save yourself the time and frustration by hiring a New Rochelle general contractor like Eden General Construction Inc. to take care of your home improvement needs. You'll thank yourself later!


If you are looking for a New Rochelle general contractor then please call 212-369-6666 or complete our online request form.